Obvious Wines Net Worth

March 13, 2023

Obvious Wines Net Worth

The wine industry is a lucrative one, especially in the US. Private Equity (PE) investors are always looking to invest in companies that have a potential to make them a profit. That’s why there are many people interested in purchasing classified growth wine businesses in the United States.

Obvious Wines is a company that makes curated wines from small production vineyards around the world to create a product that is simple and snob-free. They use a set of keywords on the labels that help customers know what type of wine they are buying.

Founded by Brice Baillie, who is a French native and former wine snob, Obvious Wines is aimed at bringing quality wines to the market in an easy-to-understand manner. Their products are marketed through various marketing strategies that include social media and online marketing.

Their labels are simple and clear to ensure a smooth customer experience. They also have an informative back label that provides a lot of information about the wines.

The wines from Obvious Wines are available for purchase through their website, and users can ship the bottles to any address in the United States. When the order is processed, users will receive an email confirming the purchase and another confirming the shipment.

Obvious Wines is currently available in Los Angeles and Orange counties, but it has plans to expand its distribution in the near future. The company offers free shipping for orders of more than six bottles.


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