Nothing New by Taylor Swift Lyrics Meaning

January 8, 2023

Nothing New is a song by singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The song was released on November 12, 2021 as part of her "Red" album. It features Phoebe Bridgers.

The track is about anxiety and aging. Swift talks about her fears of being a celebrity and the treatment of female musicians. She also addresses the question of whether she should be a solo artist or take her career in a more collaborative direction.

It's not just the subject matter that makes this song special. Bridgers' haunting vocals are a powerful addition. Their collaboration on "Nothing New" is a feminist statement and a powerful example of songwriting.

In the song, Taylor Swift compares her current relationship with Joe Alwyn to her previous romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. They had an intense red love and a nine-year age gap. This was a very painful relationship.

Another thing the lyrics mention is rain. Swift has talked about rain in her lyrics for many years.

Besides the lyrics, the song also features James Taylor on guitar. Chris Stapleton joins in on the chorus.

"Nothing New" was written by Swift in March 2012. It was originally planned to be on her Red album, but was changed. Originally, it was going to be a duet with rapper Kid Cudi. However, he was replaced by Bridgers.

When Bridgers and Swift worked together on 'Nothing New', it was a real leap forward in their careers. Although Bridgers is still young, her vocals are on point.


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