No More 'I Love You's' Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

no more i love yous lyrics meaning

There's no question that love songs are a great way to express your feelings. From romantic ballads to rockin' up the dance floor, there are tons of songs out there that can be a perfect fit for your big day. If you're looking for some inspiration for the perfect tune to play at your reception, we've put together this list of the top 100 love songs of all time.

'No More 'I Love You's' by The Lover Speaks

This song, which was written by a duo from the UK called The Lover Speaks (David Freeman and Joseph Hughes), first appeared on their 1986 album. It was a hit in the UK and went on to be covered by many popular artists.

Originally, it was a Gothic love song with a lot of gothic elements in it. However, when Scottish singer and songwriter Annie Lennox recorded her version of it on her 1994 album Medusa, she changed the meaning of the song significantly.

She decided to change the lyrics and instead wrote a much more down-to-earth love song. She re-imagined it to be about a lover who has realised that she's not going to allow herself to fall into the trap of impulsive and unwise emotions anymore.

The Lover Speaks' original song wasn't a hit, so it was not widely re-released in the UK, but Lennox's cover version did well. It also won her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Performance in 1995.


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