Nirvana's "Something in the Way" Meaning

March 4, 2023

nirvana something in the way meaning

In the late 1990s, nirvana released their second album Nevermind and the song "Something in the Way" became a hit. The band's grunge sound and its psychedelic lyrics made the record a genre-definer.

In 'Something in the Way,' Kurt Cobain sings about living under a bridge and feeling banished from the larger world. He also speaks about living off of the land and the animals that live there.

The song is a haunting one that draws a sinister picture of life and death. It was inspired by Kurt Cobain's experiences after he was separated from his parents. The song was written as a way to cope with his mental and physical struggles.

Nirvana fans have long debated over whether Kurt Cobain actually lived under Young Street Bridge when he wrote the song, which appears to be a metaphor for the life of someone who feels as if there's something in the way. Some claim he did, while others say the singer only imagined that life under the bridge would have been better than living at home.

There are also a number of possible meanings for the song. Some believe that the lyrics are a reflection of Cobain's own life, such as how he was always under pressure to succeed or achieve something.

Other interpretations suggest that the words are a commentary on how we treat animals. Specifically, the line about fish refers to the 1600's philosophy that animals don't feel pain, and this can be linked to Cobain's star sign: Pisces.


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