Nirvana - Something in the Way Meaning

January 8, 2023

If you are a fan of Nirvana, then you must be familiar with the song 'Something in the Way'. This song is considered to be one of the best rock songs of all time. It was released by the band in 1991, on their album 'Nevermind'.

The song was written by Kurt Cobain. He was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. His lyrics show a dark and haunting picture of life. However, the meaning of the song is not clear.

The first time that Kurt Cobain played the song was on November 25, 1990 in Seattle at the Off Ramp Café. At that time, he was on acoustic guitar. Later, he added some guitar and drum parts to the song. Butch Vig, the producer of the 'Nevermind' album, was impressed by the singer's performance.

"Something in the Way" was never released as a single. Instead, it was included on the album, 'Nevermind', released in September 1991.

The song climbed to the peak of the Billboard's Rock Digital Song Sales chart. It was also included on a Nirvana compilation. Eventually, the song became popular and it was featured on the trailer for the movie 'The Batman'.

In 2022, the Nirvana song features heavily in the movie 'The Batman'. The film is directed by Matt Reeves. The movie is a three-hour movie about the world of Bruce Wayne and Batman. During the early scene, the protagonists are seen glancing at a symbol of Batman.


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