Ninel Conde Net Worth

December 29, 2023

Ninel Conde is a famous Mexican actress and singer who has starred in many telenovelas. She has an estimated net worth of $8 million. She has earned a considerable fan following with her work. Her enticing beauty and captivating performances have made her one of the most sought-after actresses in Mexico.

The gorgeous actress commenced her career in 1995. She appeared in several series like Al Derecho y al Derbez, Bajo un mismo rostro, Luz Clarita, Catalina y Sebastian, Besos Prohibidos and more. Later she starred in the dramas Fuego en la sangre, Mar de amor and Porque el amor manda. She also participated in the reality show El Show de los Suenos.

She is known for her sexy body and she has worked hard to maintain it. She is a very hardworking and talented actress who has won the hearts of millions of fans.

In her personal life, she has been through three marriages. Her first marriage was with Ari Telch (TV actor) in 1996 and they welcomed a daughter Sofia in 1997. The couple separated in 1998 and divorced nine years later. She was again married to Juan Zepeda in 2007. The couple separated in 2012 and eventually got divorced on 19 September 2013.

Recently, she has been dating businessman Giovanni Medina. They announced that they are expecting a baby boy. She is very happy with her relationship and her career. She wants to focus on her work and maintain her fame.


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