New Magic Wand Lyrics Meaning

November 20, 2023

Tyler, the Creator is an artist who has a lot to say. He’s well known for his unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics. One of his recent hits, New Magic Wand, is a story about love spiraling into obsession. It shows what lengths a person will go to in order to make their lover their own. This song also explores the complexities of desire and jealousy, and the need for emotional space in a relationship.

Tyler sings about the girl he’s dating, and how he doesn’t want her to date other men. He wants her all to himself and calls her a ‘girl in an old photograph’. The second verse reveals the jealousy he feels for her. He doesn’t think she’s developed as he has, and states that he will remove her from the picture “like a magic wand.” This phrase could have a double meaning; removing her from the photograph or even killing her.

The production of this track is haunting and distorted. The melody is backed by a saxophone and a deep baritone voice that resembles that of Tyler’s. It also features a spoken word contribution from comedian Jerrod Carmichael and background vocals from Santigold, who was previously featured on the song “Lights On” with Tyler. The track is a part of his fifth studio album Igor and was released on May 17, 2019. The song is a departure from his usual hip-hop style, and it has been praised for its experimental sound.


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