Neve Campbell Net Worth

January 22, 2024

Neve Campbell is a Canadian actress who made a name for herself in 1990s teen and horror film. Her role in the popular TV series Party of Five and her performance as Sidney Prescott in Scream helped her become a household name. Campbell owes her success to her tenacity and talent. However, the actress has faced challenges in her personal life and has had two divorces. Nevertheless, her commitment to her career and savvy investments have helped her build a multifaceted career.

The actress began her career as a ballet dancer and trained at the Erinvale School of Dance and Canada’s National Ballet School. However, dancing-related injuries forced her to refocus on acting. Campbell’s first major role was the lead character Julia Salinger on the TV show Party of Five. Her performance earned her critical acclaim and recognition. The actress also starred in several movies including The Craft and Scream.

The actor is a well-established star in Hollywood and has earned millions of dollars in her career. She has diversified her income sources by focusing on various film and television projects. Her smart investments and business acumen have further boosted her net worth.

As of this writing, the actress has a net worth of $10 million. Her co-stars Courteney Cox and David Arquette have a net worth of $150 million and $30 million respectively. The actress has two children with her husband JJ Field. They have a son named Caspian and an adopted daughter named Raynor.


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