NDA Lyrics - Billie Eilish Meaning

March 7, 2023

nda lyrics billie eilish meaning

nda lyrics billie eilish meaning

The dark side of fame is brought to light in her latest song, "NDA." In it, the singer discusses the many struggles she's faced while navigating the world of fame and fortune. She also touches on the dangers of a serial stalker and her inability to leave her house.

NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement, which is a legal document that celebrities often request to keep their secrets from the public. It's a form of privacy that allows them to share sensitive information with people they want to be involved in their business without risking exposing them.

In "NDA," Billie tells a story about dating a boy and then having him sign an NDA so that she could keep her relationship private. During the song, she also references her success in the music industry by making Forbes' 30 Under 30 list at just 17 years old.

Her lyrics also highlight a struggle with honesty in relationships, referencing her desire to protect her privacy and avoid conflict by tipping-toeing around things she doesn't want to talk about or projecting an image of herself that's attractive to others.

Ultimately, the song is a candid look at how fame impacts Billie's relationships with men and her ability to navigate the world of fame. She admits to being unsure whether her celebrity life is worth it and thinks about how she would feel if she had never made it.

The song's a dark, eerie, and moody piece that was written by Eilish with her brother, Finneas O'Connell. It was released on July 9 and accompanied by a self-directed music video of Eilish walking down a desert road at night as cars race past her.


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