Nate Norman - Where Is He Now?

September 7, 2023

John Stockwell is in talks to write and direct a sequel to last year’s drug-fueled dark comedy Kid Cannabis, starring Jonathan Daniel Brown as real life marijuana kingpin Nate Norman. The film follows how a nineteen year old high school dropout and pizza delivery guy became the leader of a multi-million dollar marijuana trafficking empire that moved at least 7 tons -- worth $38 million -- into the United States.

Norman grew up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his younger brother and single mom who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. He spent his free time smoking copious amounts of weed with his best friend Topher. One day on a job he met a rich womanizer who told him how he made his money by transporting marijuana into the state from Canada. The idea intrigued him, and he recruited his pal to help.

The duo started small, smuggling a pound of pot at a time by hiding it in bushes near the border. After the first run, they began to recruit more people and acquire camouflage ghillie suits to disguise themselves as forest animals. They arranged for a Canadian supplier and made regular trips, often smuggling up to 7 tons of marijuana in a single trip.

Their operation was successful, and the cash piled up quickly. They bought an extravagant lake house for his mother, new cars, sexy women and even a strip club as a front for their smuggling business. But the police had other, more dangerous drugs to worry about, and soon they were on the verge of being caught.


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