My Unorthodox Life Character Profile: Robert Brotherton

September 8, 2023

Since My Unorthodox Life premiered in July, viewers have been clamoring to learn more about Julia Haart’s right-hand man, Robert Brotherton. A favorite for his deadpan zingers and Texas catchphrases, Brotherton brings a much-needed dose of warmth and real talk to the show. His own family storyline this season centers on his adoption as an infant and quest to find out more about his biological history — a crossroads many adoptees face.

In addition to being a top-notch shit talker, Brotherton is also an accomplished opera singer. He won a full-ride scholarship to Syracuse University, where he studied operatic performance. He’s competed on a number of competition shows, including The Gong Show and America’s Got Talent.

He’s even landed a gig at Broadway supper club 54 Below, where he made his debut with a Christmas cabaret show in November 2022. Robert has also worked as a music manager, an event producer, and a live performance director.

He currently serves as Elite World Group’s chief operating officer. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s in charge of “everything from daily operations, personal and business taxes, scheduling, emails, roster, bookkeeping, business acquisitions, and more.” He splits time between New York City and Texas, where he lives with his partner Ra’ed Saade and their medium Bernedoodle named Richard.


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