My Love Sia Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

my love sia lyrics meaning

Sia isn't always known for her lyrical depth, but she's been getting a lot more serious in recent years. While her most successful material has been indie-pop, the song below shows that she still has a lot to say with her lyrics.

This is a pretty straight-forward pop song, but it has some seriously dark meanings hidden within its verses and chorus. It's also a cyclical song, which isn't uncommon for songs to have.

The first part of the verse starts off with a soft and gentle tone, which is then accented by the piano. This is a haunting sound that makes the song even more intense and gives the feeling of desperation.

In the middle of the song, she sings, "I ain't gonna let you go, cause you're my heart" and the piano plays a similar tone, accentuated by her voice. Her voice sounds raspy, almost as if she's crying out to the audience that her love is gone and there's nothing left for her.

Her chorus is more intense than her verses, a sign of the deeper meaning behind the song. She continues to sing, "I won't let you go, I won't give up," a few times, which is a sign of her dedication to not giving in.

The song is a memorial to the Orlando shooting, a tragedy that has impacted the lives of many in the LGBTQ community. It's a tribute to the spirit of those killed and their refusal to live by other people's expectations.


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