My Blue Heaven Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

my blue heaven lyrics meaning

When a mobster is sent to live in witness protection in the San Diego suburbs, he struggles to maintain his innocence. His new life with an FBI agent (Rick Moranis) and a district attorney (Joan Cusack) is far from idyllic, but Vinnie eventually finds his way out of his criminal ways and into the arms of Crystal Rybak, a police officer.

The Movie

Released just a month before Goodfellas, Herbert Ross’ silly crime romp My Blue Heaven follows a Henry Hill-inspired mobster (Steve Martin) as he attempts to settle in a sleepy suburb of sunny Southern California. Luckily for the former mobster, Martin coaxes enough personality out of his motormouth role to make this a spirited and entertaining flick.

My Blue Heaven is an entertaining if unremarkable movie with some dated humor and sexist characters. Although the story is very broad, it has a lot of funny moments, and Rick Moranis and Joan Cusack are both excellent.


The song “My Blue Heaven” was written by Walter Donaldson and George A. Whiting and is a standard in pop music history. It was sung by many performers, including Gene Austin, who made it a number one hit for 13 weeks in 1928.

It is a song that has been recorded by artists such as Bing Crosby, Fats Domino, and Jimmie Lunceford. It is also a popular jazz standard.

When Gene Austin sang the song, he was probably the first person to master the art of singing in a crooning voice. He was able to use a low, soft voice in order to convey the meaning of the lyrics and make them sound very eloquent. He was also able to use his electric microphone, which allowed him to sing softly and still be heard by listeners.


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