Mushroomhead Meaning - What Does Qwerty Mean?

March 13, 2023

Qwerty means “Question mark”

Mushroomhead is one of the most famous Shock Rock bands in the world and their masks have made them a household name. They have released eight albums and 15 music videos over their career.

Their latest album, The Righteous & The Butterfly was recorded at their own Filthy Hands Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. The album was dedicated to John "JJ Righteous" Sekula (Mushroomhead's original guitarist who passed away in 2010) and Steve “Skinny” Felton’s wife, Vanessa Solowiow (who passed away in 2013 aka the Butterfly).

They released the album on May 14th of 2014 and it is by far their heaviest. The song is filled with hard rock riffs and a lot of in your face attitude.

The song also features the return of vocalist J-Mann. He was the voice behind some of the best songs in the band's history such as 'Simpleton' and 'Ego-Trip.'

The song is played at a tempo of 154 beats per minute and can be easily learned by practicing at home.

Originally invented in 1868, the keyboard layout was named QWERTY because the letters of each row were separated by a vertical line. It was a revolutionary invention that allowed for easier typing and fewer clashes between letters, which helped to minimize errors.

The band has been around for over two decades and have managed to keep their footing with the top bands in the Shock Rock scene. They are currently working on their next album and have a tour in the works.


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