Murder and Magnolias: Where Is Nancy Latham Now?

September 24, 2023

When a murder-for-hire plot unraveled in Charleston, South Carolina, in April 2013, it led to the arrest of several people. At the center of the investigation were Chris and Nancy Latham, a wealthy couple with two daughters, Emily and Madison. Chris was a former Bank of America executive making a six-figure salary, while Nancy was a real estate agent and state lottery official.

The murder-for-hire scheme reportedly fell apart after police stopped Aaron Wilkinson, who was trying to buy heroin on Charleston's East Side. Police say he revealed the death plot and led investigators to a "hit packet" with key details about Cannon. The hit packet included a phone number, an address and other information about her. Wilkinson's confession ultimately led to the arrest of Wendy Moore, a former executive assistant for Chris Latham and his one-time paramour. The alleged plotters were sentenced to jail this week, with Moore and Latham incarcerated at separate federal prisons.

Nancy Latham says it's "absolutely heartbreaking" to see her ex-husband in jail, but she's relieved that the scheme is behind them. She claims she has been living in fear since discovering the plot, and that her family has been relegated to staying at home and not going out for long periods of time. She also says it's been difficult for the girls to go to school without a chaperone because of the threats against their mother. For more, listen to the Dateline podcast 'Murder & Magnolias' above.


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