Mount Up With Wings Like Eagles Meaning

March 7, 2023

mount up with wings like eagles meaning

Are you feeling like your faith is bowed down by the problems in your life? Do you want to find refuge under the wings of God?

Mount up with wings like eagles means that you will SOAR above what is before you.

The eagle is the bird of choice for many people because of its magnificent flight, but it is also a very fitting symbol of wisdom. It is known for its keen eyesight and the ability to see things that are a long way off.

If you have ever seen an eagle soaring over a storm, you will notice that it uses very little energy to soar to great heights. It has a unique way of flying called wind thermals. It starts by flying to one thermal, then using a process of gliding back and forth to the next thermal.

As a result, it is able to stay aloft for hours with very little effort. This is the same way that your prayer life should be.

When you are soaring high, you will be able to view things that are going on in the world from a perspective that is far more correct than the perspective that most of us are used to. This is the same perspective that Jehovah has set for you.

This is the same perspective that He wants you to have with your prayer life and your daily walk with Him. It is a perspective of freedom, power and transcendence that is found in only those who are connected to the LORD.


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