Mount Up on Wings Like Eagles

March 8, 2023

mount up on wings like eagles meaning

In Isaiah 40:31, we see the prophet speaking of how God renews our strength when we wait on Him. He gives us new wings to fly as eagles when we are strong in Him.

When we trust in Jesus and put our complete faith in Him, He strengthens us to soar on wings like eagles and run and not be weary and walk and not faint.

If we can fly high in our prayer life, and our obedience to His Word, then our enemy will just have to scatter!

The Bible also uses the eagle to represent wisdom. The wise man takes his time and analyzes a situation carefully before deciding to act.

It is not surprising that the eagle was often used as an illustration of the wise man in the Bible because of its majestic flight and its keen eyesight.

When migrating eagles go into the air they can rely on the power of wind thermals to help them soar. These thermals are areas where air currents cause the wind to push up and create a lifting effect.

In these thermals, eagles can soar as high as 30,000 feet above the ground. They can even reach a distance of nearly 500 miles.

Sometimes we are in a wilderness type setting that will keep us away from other Christians and it is these times that we have to depend on the Lord. This will give us a great opportunity to grow in our faith and in our ability to be an Eagle Believer.


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