Monsters by James Blunt Lyrics Meaning

December 13, 2023

After a career of releasing songs that broke hearts around the world with their beauty and simplicity, James Blunt has returned to the scene with his sixth album Once Upon A Mind. The album reflects on the passage of time and the inevitable loss that comes with it. One of the songs that stands out from the rest is Monsters, a deeply poignant piano ballad about aging and death. It is about a son saying goodbye to his father at the end of his life, and it evokes powerful emotions in its listeners. The song’s narrative is incredibly heartbreaking, but its depth transcends the personal and becomes a universal anthem about the inevitability of loss.

Monsters is James’s ode to his late father, Charles Blount. The song carries a message of love, forgiveness, and hope in the face of impending loss. It is also about the importance of maintaining a close relationship with a loved one, even in times of hardship and suffering.

The song’s lyrics portray a complicated and flawed father-son relationship, but they are full of love. They speak of their past mistakes and lingering guilt, but they are also honest about their desire to see each other again. They want to be happy together and chase away the monsters that threaten their love.

The song was popularized when it was used by American Idol winner Iam Tongi for his audition, capturing the hearts of millions of people. Moreover, the music video for the song has been released and it has also garnered a lot of attention.


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