Mistakes to Avoid While Going for Dirt Bike Trekking in Dubai

November 22, 2023

With its expansive desert terrain, Dubai provides some incredible chances for off-roading as well as dirt bike touring. But while organizing or embarking on a tour in Dubai, dirt bike trekking in Dubai aficionados frequently commits a few basic blunders. You can help make sure you have fun along with a safe experience by avoiding these errors.

Proper Planning

To minimize dangers, thorough planning is essential while dirt riding Dubai's expansive desert terrain. Summertime in the desert may be exceedingly hot, with temperatures rising beyond fifty degrees Celsius. Getting lost in the deserted sandy stretches is another common occurrence.

It is wise to consult weather forecasts as well as plan your travel during the milder months of November through March. Dehydration as well as tiredness is more likely to occur during the summer months. In order to prepare for unanticipated delays, you should have enough supplies, such as extra gasoline, along with high-energy foods, as well as two to three litres of water per person. Life-threatening dehydration can occur in arid environments.

Always let those you can trust know your intended path as well as when you anticipate to return. Carry a compass, GPS, or maps in case the phone network is unavailable in far-off places. In the desert, becoming lost may rapidly become perilous. Given that breakdown support may be far away, mechanically fitted dirt motorcycles with basic tools as well as spare parts are equally vital.

Lack of Proper Gear

For users of dirt bikes, the desert climate poses challenging challenges. During the day, there are substantial dangers due to highs above fifty degrees Celsius, strong sunshine, and flying sand particles. The temperature drops precipitously below 20 degrees at night. Without the right equipment, cycling in such intense heat or cold can cause sunburn, dehydration, along with hypothermia, as well as other problems.

For safety, a full-face helmet is essential. There is a significant chance of falling off or colliding while going off-road quickly. The entire head along with face are protected from direct strikes by a helmet. Since motorcyclists frequently go in groups as well as other bikes may be in the area, it is quite crucial. Additionally, goggles are necessary to avoid dust as well as sand causing discomfort to the eyes and impairing eyesight. Ordinary sunglasses don't provide enough protection for your eyes in the desert along with don't form a suitable seal.

The body also needs armour from head to toe. A sturdy riding costume, such as one made on leather or cloth, shields the skin from cuts sustained during crashes. In high-impact regions like the shoulders, elbows, spine, along with hips, as well as knees, it should have robust armour. Gloves shield hands against cuts, burns, as well as blisters. It's crucial to wear thick boots that completely enclose the foot and lower leg to prevent injury from falling objects or in the event of an accident. To ride safely and reduce hazards in the desert, you need the right equipment.

Exceeding Bike and Rider Capabilities

Taking on tracks or situations above their ability as well as experience levels is one of the most frequent blunders made by novice dirt bike riders. It's critical for motorcyclists to evaluate their skills realistically as well as make sure they are riding within safe parameters.

Beginner riders should stick to simpler routes so they may progressively gain bike handling abilities. More control is needed on technical terrain with loose sand, steep inclines, drops, or abrupt turns—a skill that novice riders might not have. Prematurely taking on challenging routes raises the possibility of collisions or being trapped.

Riders must also take the capabilities of their bike into account. The way bikes operate on different terrains is influenced by features like engine power, ground clearance, as well as suspension travel. In order to ride safely, heavier or more powerful machines can require more expertise. It's best to make a shortlist of trails based on both bike specs as well as rider ability.

Following Dirt Bike Etiquette

It is crucial to observe basic riding etiquette when participating in off-road biking with other riders. This guarantees everyone's fun along with the safety during their desert hiking. Keep safe separations between motorcycles to prevent collisions, particularly while stopping. Bicycles may lose their balance or skid over sand or uneven ground. Allow people ample room to move about.

Communicate your intentions clearly using hand gestures, particularly while braking or changing directions. Others must be informed in advance so they can adjust. For orderly riding, standard signs like as left/right turns are required.

Only pass when the path is open as well as free of obstructions or turns. In order for the other rider to notice you coming, pass from the left rather than the right. Steer clear of attempts that might cause someone to abruptly brake or swerve.

Not Hiring Licensed Tour Operators

Riding a dirt bike without a qualified tour operator can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced riders. Riding in the desert has several risks, as well as becoming lost or trapped without help is a common occurrence. Because of their training as well as safety measures, licensed operators reduce these hazards to a minimum.

They may ride in approved off-road locations since they are insured as well as have licenses. This guarantees that riders remain in authorized as well as secure areas. Additionally, the operators supply well-maintained, terrain-appropriate motorcycles. It is less probable for riders to experience mechanical or equipment-related problems.

A degree of assistance that solo riders cannot equal is provided by certified technicians as well as professional guides working alongside the operators. These experts can offer you quick support if any problems occur while on the hike. In addition, they manage the route's logistics, such as scheduling fuel stops. This takes the worry out of arranging refuelling in far-off arid areas.


Planning ahead for best dirt bikes for rent, packing appropriately, acting politely, along with selecting authorized guides may make dirt bike riding in Dubai's deserts a very amazing experience. By adhering to these rules, you may steer clear of typical blunders and guarantee a fun as well as secure journey. Prioritize safety over seeking thrills at all times. Though stunning, the desert is a brutal place.

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