Midas Touch Meaning by Taylor Swift

February 6, 2023

midas touch meaning taylor swift

The king in Greek mythology who could turn anything he touched to gold is the inspiration for Taylor Swift's song "Midas."

In Greek folklore, Midas was a king who was very rich. He was unhappy with his wealth and wanted to be happy again. He went to a god and asked him for a wish. The god granted him the wish to turn everything he touched to gold. He became happy and generous and shared his fortune with his people.

The song is a masterful example of Swift's songwriting skills, as well as her ability to tell stories through music. The bridge is especially poignant and showcases her storytelling skills.

Midas Touch Meaning:

In the first verse, Swift compares her arrogant lover to the king in Greek mythology who could turn any object he touched into gold. She uses this line to highlight the fact that she was a fool to reject his proposal.

Another interesting phrasing is her use of the word "shape," which evokes the shape of a signature or a legal document. In addition, the song's lyrics also include the words "still spells out pain," which explains that the breakup was difficult to process.

The song is a beautiful reminder that love and relationships are always worth the struggle. It's just a matter of finding the right person.


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