Mia Wallace Quotes

February 13, 2023

mia wallace quotes

Mia Wallace is the wife of Marsellus Wallace, a mob boss in Los Angeles. She's known for her beautiful, dark brown hair and red lips. She's also a big fan of drugs, smoking cigarettes and music.

She is a famous character in the film Pulp Fiction. She is played by Uma Thurman and became a major pop culture icon because of her role in this movie.

About the character

Mia is a beautiful, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful woman who has a love of partying, drugs and music. She was introduced to audiences in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction and is a favorite character among fans.

Her character has been a huge influence on American culture and cinema. She has received major recognition from different award-giving bodies and media around the world.

Character Infobox

In the movie, Marsellus Wallace goes out of town and asks one of his men, Vincent Vega, to take Mia out for dinner while he's gone. She's excited about the idea and agrees, but he later warns her that it "ain't a date."

While out on a night out with Vincent, Mia overdoses on heroin she finds in his coat pocket. After her overdose, she is revived by Vincent haphazardly. It's a scene that has been quoted and referenced many times throughout the years.


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