Message in a Bottle - Taylor Swift Lyrics Meaning

January 8, 2023

"Message in a Bottle" is a song by pop princess Taylor Swift. The track was written in collaboration with Swedish hitmakers Shellback and Max Martin. It's a catchy and dynamic pop song.

The lyrics describe the singer's relationship with herself. She describes how she is longing for a new relationship. Eventually, she comes to the realization that she is in love. This love isn't the first one she's had, but it's the most fulfilling.

Taylor Swift also sings about the complexity of love. When she wrote the song, she was still in a relationship with Harry Styles. In fact, the song was originally going to be on her RED album. However, it was left out of the final release.

Apparently, this wasn't the only time Taylor used the phrase "Message in a Bottle". While watching Mad Men, she learned about the phrase's history. She explained that it's a common phrase in the '50s. And then she decided to use the phrase in a speech she gave months before the release of her new album, Midnights.

There are actually three references to the phrase in the lyrics of the song. First, the song bridges two themes: the idea of adulthood and childhood imagery. Second, it focuses on the idea of fate bringing them together. Finally, it outlines the idea that every action has a reaction.

For fans, the song's most notable mention is in the song's title. Although it doesn't refer to the actual current romantic partner, the message does contain a very specific and complex meaning.


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