Memo From Turner Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

memo from turner lyrics meaning

A big hit in the 1960s, memo from turner lyrics meaning have become an iconic song for fans today. Its lyrics are often interpreted as drugs, or as a song about the Vietnam War, but it is actually a song about the grief we feel after the death of a loved one.

In fact, there are two versions of this song – the first, recorded for the soundtrack of the Nicolas Roeg film Performance, is played by Mick Jagger as the character “Turner” (who, in the movie, lip-synched it) and the second version is included on Metamorphosis, credited to Steve Winwood but reportedly not performed by him.

It was also used by Martin Scorsese in his film Goodfellas, during a scene where Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill unsuccessfully tries to sell Robert De Niro’s Jimmy Conway pistol silencers.

While this song might not be the best that the Stones ever put out, it is a great piece of music. It has a nasty slide guitar riff and hilarious lyrics that even Mick can’t help but laugh at.

There are several different versions of this song, but the best one is probably the acoustic one, recorded in 1969 and featured on their first album, Let it Bleed. It doesn’t have the rock edge that other Stones songs like “Brown Sugar” or “Wild Horses” had, but it still packs a punch and is a fun listen.

It is a song that many Stones aficionados debate, as to which version is better. But whichever version you choose, it’s a must-have track for anyone who loves the Rolling Stones.


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