Meghan Trainor's Bad For Me Lyrics Meaning

January 27, 2024

Meghan Trainor’s new acoustic track, “Bad for Me,” explores the pain and frustration of a toxic relationship filled with broken promises and selfishness. The song features a duet with Teddy Swims, who’s voice blends well with Meghan’s to create a melodious and powerful track.

In the first verse, Meghan explains that she’s unable to express herself openly because she fears the person she’s in a relationship with won’t change. She reveals that she’s become so frustrated with their behavior that she wants to scream in their face, yet understands that it will only hurt them. She pleads with them to stop making promises they cannot keep, as the continuous hurt causes her to suffer. In the chorus, Meghan admits that she still loves them endlessly despite the pain they cause, but realizes that it’s time to distance herself from their toxic reality.

Teddy Swims joins in the second verse to sing about his own experiences with a toxic relationship. He describes the difficulty of drawing boundaries and letting go of someone that was once so close to him. He also notes that every time the other person lies, a part of him dies and it’s becoming impossible to continue on with their toxic relationship.

Meghan Trainor and Teddy Swims’ collaboration on this song is an empowering message for anyone who has struggled with a toxic relationship. The song’s lyrics are relatable and honest, which makes it an emotional anthem that’s sure to resonate with listeners.


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