Meaning of Work - Rihanna

March 7, 2023


As Rihanna's fans await the release of her eighth studio album Anti, they're thirsty for new music. That's why Wednesday morning, the Barbadian singer dropped a club hit called "Work" featuring Drake.

It's a great song that is quickly becoming an anthem. But what exactly does it mean? It's been causing a lot of confusion for fans.

Meaning of Work rihanna

This song is about work and how it takes a lot of hard work to get things done. It is also about love and how it takes a lot of effort to keep the relationship together.

The lyrics are quite simple but they tell a story. They tell the story of a woman who is working very hard to make sure her partner is happy and is taken care of.

Another way to look at the song is that it's about a woman trying to protect her partner from the bad things that happen in life. In this case, it could be that her partner has done something wrong, and she doesn't want to see him hurt.

A third option is that the woman has been with her partner for a while and he just needs to shape up. He might be taking for granted that she is giving him a lot of attention and love, or he might just not like the fact that she is wearing a cute knitted jumper with a heart design on it.

This is a very interesting song to analyze, and it's a great way to understand a few aspects of the Caribbean culture. It's also a good example of how language is used as performance and identity (Gibson&Bell 2011).


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