Meaning Of Harlow - What Does This Name Mean?

July 30, 2023

Meaning Of Harlow

The unisex name Harlow is derived from an English surname that has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means “rock hill” or “army hill.” The word har comes from the Old English words "hoer" (meaning pile of rocks) and "hlaw" (meaning hill).

As a given name, it was only used a few times before Jean Harlow, a 1930s platinum blonde bombshell actress, popularized the name as the epitome of glamorous Hollywood. Her success was short-lived, but her legacy lives on today. When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, you want something that will stand the test of time and reflect their unique personality. Harlow is a perfect choice.

When it comes to a girl’s name, Harlow has seen a rise in popularity since 2009. This surge can likely be attributed to celebrity couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden who named their daughter Harlow Winter Kate. Its gender-neutral nature and ties to the glamorous world of 1930s Hollywood make it a perfect pick for any baby girl.

People with this name are freedom-loving individuals who embrace change and adventure. They are inquisitive and often ask questions like, “Why this?” or, “Why that?” You tend to favor analytical reasoning and enjoy solving mental or physical puzzles. You are also a great multi-tasker, able to juggle several tasks at once with ease.

You have a strong drive to succeed and you work hard to achieve your goals. You are not easily influenced by others and prefer to go your own way. You have a keen understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses and you are not afraid to put yourself out there.


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