Meaning of Fall Out Boy Uma Thurman

March 4, 2023

meaning of fall out boy uma thurman

Meaning of fall out boy uma thurman

In 2015, Fall Out Boy released a song that reminded Pete Wentz about one of Uma Thurman's characters in the movie Pulp Fiction. The band named the song "Uma Thurman" and it won a VMA for best rock video that year.

For this reason, the band's fans are very curious about what the song means. Fortunately, Wentz was willing to share his thoughts about what the lyrics mean and how the band came up with the idea.

The band's guitarist Patrick Stump says that the song is about "the resilience and violence of Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill." Wentz told us that he and his friends were inspired by Uma Thurman's character because she was strong and fought back against the world.

They are also inspired by the rage and passion displayed in the film. Wentz said that they wanted to pay homage to the character in a way that was authentic to her, and that's how the song came about.

Wentz also said that the song is about "a woman taking revenge or being empowered."

It is interesting to note that this was not the first time that Fall Out Boy referenced a fictional character in their songs. In 2011, they covered Michael Jackson's Beat It and referred to themselves as "the Get Up Kids."

But they did it in a different way - with a newfound postmodern approach that was more honest than ever before. Compared to their early emo sound, the band's more adult outlook on life was much easier for younger listeners to connect with - though it wasn't always popular.


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