Meaning Chris Brown Tattoo - Rihanna and Chris Brown's Tattoos

March 7, 2023

meaning chris brown rihanna tattoo

Most people get tattoos to tell a story or show their dedication to something, but for Rihanna and Chris Brown, their story is pretty complicated.

The two have been together since 2008 and are consistently on the news for different reasons – including Chris’ assault on Rihanna in 2009. Their relationship has been a roller coaster, but their tattoos have given us a glimpse into their lives as well as what they stand for.

Meaning chris brown tattoo:

Firstly, there are several tattoos on Breezy’s body that hold religious significance. He is Christian and believes that he has been given the gift of singing by Jesus Christ. Therefore, he decided to have a tattoo of Jesus surrounded by music notes on his right bicep at the age of 13.

Another tattoo is on his inner wrist - it reads “Joyce,” which is his mother’s name. He also has a huge tattoo of angel wings on his chest that signify his religious beliefs.

His other tattoo is an F16 fighter jet that he got inked on his torso in 2012. This was done by John Petro, and it is one of the most popular tattoos on Chris Brown’s body.

He also has the words “Symphonic Love” inked across his chest. This is a very important tattoo for him and it symbolizes his commitment and love for his music.

He also has a lot of other tattoos that are important to him, such as his birth date and the birthday of his best friend Melissa Forde. He also has a Pisces astrological symbol behind his right ear.


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