MAX – Checklist (Featuring Chromeo) Song Review

June 14, 2021

checklist max

This is my review of the song Checklist by Max. Read more about the song below.

This song is simply amazing. Every time I listen to it I just want to get up and jump around. MAX's voice is slick and smooth throughout the entire song. The mixture of his voice and this catchy chorus leaves this song stuck in your head once you are long done listening to it. The little whistle after the chorus is one of my favorite parts of the song.

The verses feature MAX singing in somewhat of a rap voice. The verses bridge in perfectly with the chorus. The breakaway talks about Texas and is just fun.

MAX was inspired by James Brown, Marvin Gayes, Etta James in this song. It is very apparent he is inspired by these artists as the song has R&B and Urban vibes to it.

Chromeo's song Jealous actually has some similarities with this one. At times, it sounds like MAX is saying Jealous instead of Checklist. The synths and keyboard sounds are flawless along with the production.

Thank you for reading about Checklist Max. Furthermore, watch the music video on YouTube below. What do you think of this song? Finally, please leave your own thoughts and comments below. Lastly, read more reviews like this one on my front page.

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