Martika Marrero

November 11, 2023

Marta Marrero, better known as Martika, is an American singer whose velvet voice has won the hearts of fans across the globe. She has sold over four million albums throughout her career.

Born on May 18, 1969 in Whittier, California, the singer was born to a family with a rich musical heritage. She began her career in mainstream show business at a young age by appearing as one of the dancing orphans in the film version of Annie. She would then go on to star as Gloria on the kids TV show Kids Incorporated before pursuing her first love of music.

Her debut album, Martika was released in the fall of 1988. Its biggest hit, Toy Soldiers, spent two weeks at number one on the US chart in mid-1989. It also reached the top ten in thirteen countries including Australia. She followed this with a dance cover of Carole King's I Feel The Earth Move which scored her a third US Top 40 hit.

In 1991 Martika was approached by Prince who helped write her second album, Martika's Kitchen. The lead single, a cover of The Guess Who's classic Love Thy Will Be Done, became a US Top 10 hit. Prince later added the track to many of his live shows.

In recent years, Martika has kept a low profile and does not release new music. She is currently living in California with her family and maintains a private life.


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