Marilyn Manson Say10 Meaning

March 4, 2023

marilyn manson say10 meaning

Marilyn Manson has shared a bloody NSFW music video for the title track of his upcoming album, "SAY10."

It's all part of an election-themed montage that sees the musician tearing pages from a bible before a blond, red-tie-wearing man is decapitated and laid to rest in his own blood. The clip, which was directed by Tyler Shields, appears to be a direct homage to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In a press release, Manson said the song is a "song about death." He told Alternative Press that he would be releasing the album in February, which was also the date he teased it on Instagram.

"SAY10" was written by Manson with help from composer Tyler Bates and is the tenth studio LP from The God of Fuck. The LP follows 2015's acclaimed The Pale Emperor.

The LP features a number of strong tracks, including lead single "WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE" which boasts a deep sleaze and an abundance of Manson's signature sleaze, with razor-sharp synthesisers accompanied by eerie lyrics that ooze with sinister sexiness.

The sleaze continues on the record with the lyric "Cash is the poor man's money," which Manson sings with a sense of sarcasm and irony that is unrivaled among contemporary musicians. But the songs are lacking a certain finesse and a unifying image. Fortunately, there are many other strong songs on the album such as "Tattooed in Reverse" and “Say10.” These songs offer an abundance of dark energy while also offering a great chorus.


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