Marilyn Manson Covers Gerard McMahon's Cry Little Sister

March 4, 2023

cry little sister marilyn manson lyrics meaning

Marilyn Manson has a pretty definite knack for covering other people's songs. His take on Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams Are Made of This was one of the biggest hits of his band's career, while his cover of Soft Cell's Tainted Love racked up some serious airplay in the '90s.

This week, the shock rocker is tackling another relic from the '80s: Gerard McMahon's theme song from The Lost Boys. It's a track that fans of the movie are likely familiar with, but if you were a kid during the 1980s, this isn't a song that was on your Top 10 list.

As usual, Manson's industrial spin on McMahon's song is pretty creepy and dark. He's paired the tune with a new video, which is directed by Foo Fighters and Beyonce collaborator Bill Yukich.

Cry Little Sister is a song written by English singer-songwriter Gerard McMahon and Michael Mainieri for the soundtrack to the 1987 cult teen horror film The Lost Boys. It has since been covered by several artists, including Aiden.

The track has been sampled by rappers like Eminem and Lil B, and it's also been remixed by hip-hop producer Joe Budden. It's also been covered by the gothic rock group Seasons After.

The original version of "Cry Little Sister" didn't have much of a track record at the time, but it has become an iconic anthem from the '80s. Those who grew up before the Clinton administration will probably remember it as the thumping theme from The Lost Boys, and for good reason. Those who aren't fans of Manson should still appreciate this song for what it is: a cinematic piece of music.


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