Marilyn Manson - Broken Needle Meaning

March 4, 2023

marilyn manson  broken needle meaning

Broken needle meaning

Marilyn Manson’s new LP WE ARE CHAOS is an album that explores the subject of death and hell. The album is full of harrowing imagery and lyrics that dive into a dark, fearful place where you can find yourself lost in the darkness.

The title track, “Broken Needle,” is one of the most eerie tracks on the entire album. It has a haunting sound and lyrics that touch on a subject that many fans have dealt with in their own lives, including addictions, mental health issues, depression or insecurity.

It’s the type of song that is hard to write a lyric for and it’s also the sort of song that you need to listen to a few times before you get a clear understanding of what it’s all about. The track’s lyrical content is a mix of anger, fear and anxiety that connects the listener to the darkness of his own inner life.

A broken needle is a symbol that represents pain and injury, a common theme throughout the album. The song’s lyrics, “It is impossible to live without pain, a broken needle / Putting holes in happiness,” describe a pernicious subtext to the 90’s gen-X movement of celebrating individuality by embracing psychological catharsis.

The lyrics in Broken Needle are reminiscent of a short story that Manson wrote before his music career took off, about a mentally ill housebound man who murders his sister and has sex with her dead body. He is then buried alive with his eyes sewn shut.


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