Majestic Lyrics Meaning From Wax Fang

March 8, 2023

wax fang majestic lyrics meaning

Majestic Lyrics Meaning

This track from Wax Fang is about a person who is in love with someone and he doesn't know if the relationship will ever work out. He says that he's been searching for the "point" of the relationship, but that he's probably missed it.

Majestic is a song from Louisville rockers wax fang, who have enjoyed success with their songs, and their recent tour with fellow Kentucky band My Morning Jacket. They also recently scored an episode of Fox's American Dad, which will air this weekend.

This song was inspired by Frank Costanza's mantra, “Serenity Now.” He uses it to help him cope with his anger and stress, just like the singer of Wax Fang does in this song. It's a very powerful and relaxing song with a strong message. It is one of my favorite tracks from their album La La Land. Hopefully it will inspire you to get out there and find the love of your life! Until next time, keep on rocking in the free world! Happy Friday.


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