Mad Woman - Taylor Swift Meaning

March 8, 2023

mad woman taylor swift meaning

Mad Woman

Taylor Swift isn’t just a singer, she is a feminist. She has taken her political voice and turned it into a weapon against the unfair treatment that women face in society. She has made many songs that talk about injustices that have been done to her and her peers. One of her new songs is entitled Mad Woman and it has caught the attention of her fans.

The song is part of her album called Folklore which was released in July 2020. The song was written by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner.

It also contains a lyric video that was uploaded to YouTube on the 24th July 2020. It has 3.9 million views and 170 thousand likes as of late August 2020.

Mad Woman

In the beginning of the song, Taylor speaks about the people who have wronged her and have made her evolve into this state of madness. She says that she has exercised enough patience in the past but now, she is irritated and ready to fight.

She also talks about the men who have pushed her to this state of mind and made her evolve into this persona. She calls them haters and paints them as lunatics for their behavior.

This song can be seen as a critique of the gaslighting that women go through in this world and how they are labeled as emotional or crazy when they are actually just standing up for themselves. This is the exact same situation that a woman goes through in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story The Yellow Wallpaper.


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