Machine Gun Kelly Means Business With "Bad Things"

March 4, 2023

bad things machine gun kelly meaning

Machine Gun Kelly has a diverse resume that spans hip-hop, pop punk, and rock music. He has toured with Willow and Avril Lavigne, rapped with Lil Wayne, and earned his own day in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was raised. But there's one thing that has always stood out about MGK: his music.

His songs get your heels dancing, your heart racing, and your imagination tearing through the air. He's a skilled rapper who knows how to take you inside his world and let you feel it.

That's why he makes a great songwriting partner, and why he's a good collaborator with other artists. Here, he teams up with the pop star Camila Cabello for "Bad Things."

A duet between two people who want to devour each other in their love, "Bad Things" is a sexy song with a languid pace that evokes both sensuality and romance. The video, which focuses on fur-and-lingerie-clad Bonnie and Romeo as they lounge around a dilapidated warehouse, is a sexy-but-not-overdone depiction of an intense relationship that's full of risk.

The chorus is full of passion and intense desire that's hard to ignore. The song's lyrics speak to the complex feelings and struggles of a relationship that doesn't make sense to anyone else but the two people in it.

The song is a perfect showcase for the pair's solid vocals and skill. MGK and Cabello worked closely on the track, Facetiing often to make sure they got it right.


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