Mac DeMarco - Watching Him Fade Away

March 13, 2023

When you hear this song, I hope you think of someone who has faded away from your life. It's a painful experience to see someone you care about move on without a goodbye. But this is a great reminder to be honest with your feelings, and not blame others for what you're going through.

The lyrics of this song seem to be about Mac's father. He had been ill for awhile, and Mac was trying to figure out how to deal with it. He wrote this song, but when he finished it, his dad was a lot better. He didn't want to write this song at that time, but it's now more personal to him because his father has passed away.

Usually, when you listen to Mac DeMarco's music, it sounds as cheery as a summer day. He's got a goofy sense of humor and has a unique sound that combines folk with acoustic guitar.

On This Old Dog, though, he toned it down. The result is the richest collection of songs in his discography.

He may have made his name by being a generous high jinks merrymaker, but This Old Dog actually presents a more mature Mac DeMarco, one that's less inclined to blow his head off for the sake of gaining popularity. He's also a more relatable singer. The acoustic pop that has been Mac's calling card isn't the only thing he's honed on This Old Dog; his lyrics are more concise and effective, able to build distinct dialects out of common bits and pieces.


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