Lykke Li - Possibility Lyrics Meaning

November 16, 2023

The powerful lyrics of Lykke Li’s Possibility capture the raw emotions of heartbreak and loss in a way that is both relatable and haunting. The song became popular after being featured on the soundtrack of the 2009 movie Twilight Saga: New Moon, exposing Lykke to a much wider audience and catapulting her into the spotlight as a talented and emotionally resonant singer/songwriter. The lyrics of Possibility address the uncertainty and anticipation that surrounds a breakup, with the repetition of “there’s a possibility, there’s a possibility, all I’m gon’ get is gone with your stare” conveying the sense of drowning and suffocation that comes with the end of a relationship.

While Lykke Li has not spoken extensively about the inspiration for this song, it is clear that it was written during a time of emotional upheaval and introspection. The song’s tumultuous emotion reflects the singer’s own experience with heartbreak and loss, making it a powerful and resonant track for anyone who has experienced heartache.

Lykke Li’s other songs explore similar themes of heartbreak and loss, with many of her most acclaimed works exploring the complexity of human emotion. Her ethereal and haunting voice, combined with her poetic lyrics, create an enchanting musical canvas that touches on a wide range of topics, from the fear of moving into adulthood to the anxiety of losing innocence. Her use of simple instrumentation – often just a piano or acoustic guitar – makes her music all the more intimate and resonant, further contributing to the universal appeal of her work.


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