Lumineers Am Radio Meaning Review

March 8, 2023

lumineers am radio meaning

lumineers am radio meaning

It's one thing to release a catchy song, but a band is only truly successful when it can make you feel something. That's why Denver-based duo The Lumineers have a knack for writing heart-warming love songs that stick with you long after the music stops playing.

They've mastered the art of making you swoon over their tunes, and now they're getting even better with their upcoming album Brightside (out Friday in the U.S. & Canada via Dualtone and Decca Records for the rest of the world).

The Lumineers' latest is a nine-song opus that's as eclectic as it is impressive. It features a slew of appearances by The Lumineers' longtime collaborator Simone Felice, acclaimed guitarist David Baron, touring members Byron Isaacs and Lauren Jacobson, famed backing singer Cindy Mizelle - who has worked with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews Band - The Felice Brothers' James Felice and acclaimed singer-songwriter Diana DeMuth.

That's what makes BRIGHTSIDE such a thrill – it's an immersive experience that doesn't skimp on any of the signature elements The Lumineers have become known for over the past several years.

This is the first time the two-piece Lumineers have opted for a more concise musical output, rather than an immersive three-part concept album like their critically acclaimed 2019 masterpiece "III." The result is a collection of tracks that feel a little shorter but are packed with energy and sonic variety.

The Lumineers' latest single is a surprisingly catchy song that's all about the little things. It's got a simple drum beat, a raw guitar riff, and a cleverly crafted chorus that combines the best of both worlds. It's definitely the Lumineers' most impressive track on Brightside.


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