Love Yourself Meaning by Justin Bieber

March 7, 2023

justin bieber love yourself meaning

If you're a fan of Justin Bieber, then you must have heard of his song "Love Yourself." It's a song about learning to love yourself no matter what other people think.

The lyrics talk about a former relationship that went bad and how Justin realized that he was better off by himself. He was hurt by her manipulation and she took advantage of his status and made him feel inferior. He now realizes that he needs to stop being with her and find someone else.

There are a few different ways that you can interpret the meaning of this song. Some people say that it's about a girl that Justin liked and thought would be in his life forever. Others claim that it's about an ex-girlfriend.

Let's take a look at each of these possibilities!

The first possible interpretation of this song is that it's about Justin and Selena. Both of them were famous and they were in a relationship for a long time. The singers were always on the go so they probably didn't give their relationship as much attention as they should have.

Another possibility is that it's about a woman who Bieber dated named Chantel. She dated Bieber for a year and TMZ has reported that the singer's hit song was about her.

If you want to know the actual meaning of this song, you have to read the lyrics carefully. It's a very powerful song that has a lot of meaning behind it.


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