Louis Denaples Net Worth

February 13, 2023

louis denaples net worth

About Louis Denaples

The Scranton financial specialist Louis DeNaples bought $25 million for the run-down Mount Airy Lodge resort in Mount Pocono and declared his intention to enter Pennsylvania's early gambling machine club industry. Few insiders bet against him, especially since he was a generous political donor and philanthropist.

He accumulated a fortune in the trash business, which grew from his first startup, Rail Realty Corporation, a company that handled scrap metal. His next move was the Keystone Sanitary Landfill, a huge facility that sorted and sold discarded items from all over the region.

His success in the garbage business allowed him to build an empire, which he has continued to expand. He owns a waste-management company, a railroad, and a steel mill. He also has a landfill and a car dealership.

Throughout his career, he has made many investments and has built up a net worth of $14 million dollars. He has two children, a daughter named Lisa DeNaples and a son named Louis DeNaples Jr.

Louis Denaples is an Independent Vice Chairman of the Board at FNCB Bancorp Inc and makes $45,000 in compensation. He has traded on average 1,055 units every 10 days since 2004.

He currently owns 2,483 shares of Bancorp stock.

He purchased 770 shares of Bancorp on 14 December 2022. He has a total shareholder equity of 511,123 shares. This means that he owns 5.9% of the company. He is an insider and a director.


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