Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

March 8, 2023

taylor swift what you made me do meaning

Swift's newest song "Look What You Made Me Do" may be the most dark, self-satirizing track in her entire career. It was the first single from her new album, Reputation, which will be released in November and quickly sparked debate among fans.

It's a revenge anthem, and it's full of a lot to take in. Lyrics like "you make me feel like a perfect crime" and "little games" could be interpreted as a shot at Kim Kardashian or Kanye West, while the chorus, which reads "I know you'll say it's all your fault," could be about her own past.

The lyrics are peppered with a number of hidden gems. For example, there are references to her MTV Moonman and turbulent 2009 MTV Video Music Awards win. Her cat Olivia and her feline friend Meredith are also part of the video, so she's clearly a fan of cats.

Another reference to her nemesis Katy Perry is her bleach blonde hair, which resembles her rival's shorter cut. There's even a leopard sitting in her car, which may be a nod to Perry's own music video for "Waking Up in Vegas" (which features the singer driving a yellow sports car).

A casual robbery scene is a nod to Swift's past decision to pull her music from streaming companies, such as Spotify. The banner on the wall flashes "Stream Co.", which might refer to her past decision to stop using the service for fear it would hurt music sales.


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