Lloyd - Tru Lyrics Meaning

November 13, 2023

In his latest release, the “Playboy Diaries” spitter lays bare his innermost feelings on a sultry ode to sex and love. It’s his most honest music to date. Despite being a fan-favorite, the song didn’t achieve the same commercial success as his other hits, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have an impact.

With its heartfelt lyrics and introspective production, Lloyd’s vulnerability and authenticity resonated with audiences on a deeper level than any of his previous hits. As a result, the song became a pivotal point in his career and helped him reconnect with fans on a personal level.

The title of the track – Tru – reflects Lloyd’s own journey of self-discovery and growth. He reveals that he has been struggling with addiction and depression and wants to show the world that he’s not perfect. He also talks about the pain of losing his child and how he feels like he’s always crying from inside.

The music video for the song features Lloyd in various evocative settings that further highlight his emotional struggles. As a result, the visuals enhance the song’s meaning and help viewers empathize with his situation. Other songs like “You,” “Lay It Down,” and “Southside” explore similar themes of redemption, vulnerability, and healing.


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