Little Suzi Tesla Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

little suzi tesla lyrics meaning

Little Suzi

Tesla is a band that started out with a name that sounds like it comes from Nikola Tesla, the Serbian scientist and inventor. But they changed their name to avoid the bad rap of being a "mad scientist" band, and they went on to become one of the best rock bands of the '80s.

During their early career, Tesla released a lot of great songs that ranged from hard rock to ballads. Their twin guitar attack of Hannon and Skeoch always had a rock solid punch. Their vocalist Jeff Keith had a voice that was powerful and melodic.

Their best song was Love Song which was a hit for them that got the band a ton of radio play and helped them earn three platinum albums on Geffen Records. It was a rock solid tune that had world class acoustic intro, power vocals and a really nice solo.

The music video is also a bit of fun and features fast motion at times. It begins with a lot of action as keyboardist Tony Hymas is removing his roll out keyboard from his case and playing it on the piano and then moving it onto the stage for Suzi to use when they dance. Then there are a lot of other scenes where the judges appear and give them a score.

The end of the video has the band atop a motorcycle riding around Hammersmith Palais and dancing with other dancers. The judge is again reoccurring and gives them a 10 before the band leaves with Suzi carrying the jar of pickled eggs as the prize for their performance.


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