Little-Known Science Geniuses

March 11, 2024

The groundbreaking scientific advances that shape our world are often attributed to one or a few key scientists. In fact, while grade school textbooks may highlight the likes of Watson and Crick or Nobel laureates such as Curie or von Neumann, the bulk of the work is carried out by many researchers working together.

However, the quietest minds can have the loudest echoes. These forgotten geniuses have left behind significant and lasting contributions to science but remain mostly unknown to the general public.

For example, Terence Tao was a child prodigy who scored a perfect 760 on the math section of the SAT — before he even finished 8th grade! And John von Neumann was able to memorize entire phone books and recite them from memory – all before the age of 10.

Other lesser-known scientific geniuses include:


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