Lisa Money Lyrics Meaning Song Review

February 13, 2023

lisa money lyrics meaning song review

I am a huge fan of Lisa and her music. Her swagger, confidence, and attitude are just out of this world and really grab the attention of everyone who listens to her music. She is also very diverse and eclectic as a rapper; she can shift her flow so easily on the fly.

'Money' is a song by Blackpink member Lisa that was released in 2021 as the second single off her debut album 'LALISA.' This track is an electro-pop song and features lyrics that are sung about money. It focuses on how much money is a girl's best friend and how if she has enough money, she can easily shut up her haters.

This song is incredibly catchy and has a great beat to it. It's also a very interesting song, as it is entirely sung in English and is quite impressive to see Lisa being able to rap so well in English when she doesn't speak it as her first language.

The verses of 'Money' are very interesting to me because it shows off how versatile and eclectic Lisa is as a rapper. She demonstrates a variety of flows, cadences, and overall rapping styles that are on par with some of the best rappers in today's world.

'Money' is a great song that shows off the talents of Lisa and her ability to rap in English as well as she does Korean. This is a great way for her to break into the American music market and expose Americans to KPop as a whole. I am very excited to see how she does in the American market, and I hope to hear more songs like 'Money' soon.


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