Linkin Park Meaning

March 4, 2023

one more light linkin park meaning

One More Light is the latest album by American rock band Linkin Park. It was released in May 2017 and it was produced by Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda.

It was also written by Brad Delson, Joe Hahn and Mark Fiore and it is about Amy Zaret who passed away in 2015. The song is very good and I have to say that the lyrics are really good and they are very powerful and you can relate to them very well.

Basically it is about someone who was very loved by the members of the band and they want to express their feelings about them. They have to do it in a very good way so that they can tell them how much they mean to them.

This song is about how someone who has died has left a lot of things that they have left behind for us to cherish and care about. It can be interpreted as a tribute to Chester Bennington because he has passed on but it can also be interpreted as someone who is going to die soon and is leaving a lot of things for us to cherish and care about.

This is a very emotional and heartfelt song that was released by Linkin Park and it has been nominated for a Grammy. It is very popular and has been a big hit all over the world and it is very touching to hear the band singing about how they love each other and how they have been there for each other.


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