Let Her Go by Passenger

March 4, 2023

meaning of let her go by passenger

LET HER go by passenger is a song written and performed by English singer-songwriter Passenger. The lyrics of the song are melancholy and convey the regrets associated with breaking up with someone you were in love with.

'LET HER GO' was released on 24 July 2012 as the second single from 'All The Little Lights', the fourth studio album by Passenger. It was a major hit in many countries, especially Australia where it reached multi-Platinum status.

It has become a cult classic and is often used in commercials, TV shows, and prime time movies. It has earned a spot among Billboard's Top 10 Pop songs and was featured on a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.

This song was written in "under an hour."

The words to the song were crafted 'literally after a break up' and are a great reflection of what it's like to have a relationship and then let it go. It's also a reminder that it's never too late to recognize how much you've loved someone.

In this song Passenger uses some interesting polar comparisons that really capture the essence of what he is saying. For example, he says that you don't appreciate the sun until it starts to snow or you don't realize how important your love is until she's gone from your life.

This song is a good example of how to use alliteration and repetition to create a pleasing melody. It uses the word 'only' in each of the chorus lines, a very common rhythm and structure in music.


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