Lauren Drain Net Worth - Salary, Age, Height & Weight

February 13, 2023

lauren drain net worth

Lauren Drain Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height & Weight

A fitness model and a former Westboro Baptist Church member, Lauren Drain has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. She also works as a personal trainer and has a clothing line called Fit Angel Collection.

She focuses on her lower body workouts, targeting the muscles of her thighs, glutes, hamstrings and calves three to four days a week. She also uses HIIT and low-intensity cardio exercises to burn fat and tone her muscles.

Her fitness routine is geared towards increasing muscle tone and enhancing her athletic appearance. She has an extensive workout regimen that prioritizes strength training, weight lifting, and cardiovascular exercises. She has a number of online programs that assist individuals in achieving their fitness goals.

The American fitness model and author Lauren Drain was born in Tampa, Florida, on 31 December 1985. She grew up in Bradenton until the age of five, when she and her family moved to Olathe, Kansas.

After moving to Kansas, she enrolled in Topeka West High School and earned a Wiseman Scholarship at Washburn University. She then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Besides working as a nurse, she has also written several books on her life with the Westboro Baptist Church. One of them was Banished, which was a New York Times best seller.

She has been married to David Kagan since August 2013. They have a daughter named Aria Skye. Drain has amassed a large following on Instagram and has worked with various brands to promote their products.


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