Lady Gaga Means Business at the Grammys

January 8, 2023

One of the most prestigious awards in pop music, the Grammys, has been teeing up some of the greatest artists of all time. The 60th Annual Grammy Awards are set to take place on February 11, and we have a feeling that Lady Gaga's name is going to be on the lips of many a pop star over the course of the next few months. That, and the fact that her new album Joanne has been shortlisted for Best Pop Album of the Year, among other honors.

For one thing, she's a superstar at delivering high-energy live shows. Secondly, she's got a knack for crafting the catchiest of music videos. A good example of this is the "Million Reasons" track from her latest album. She has also made the song a staple of her Dive Bar tour, and in the case of the aforementioned album, it served as the album's closing track.

It's not all fun and games though. For instance, "Million Reasons" supposedly made the grade as a one-off bonus track on the Japanese CD version of her latest album. Although we can't verify this, it sounds like a good move on her part. Of course, this song also has a better acoustic version courtesy of her band, the Flaming Lips, who made the track their own.

Lastly, Lady Gaga also released a nifty 'Me' video, a more revealing look at the singer-songwriter. This track is the latest in her ever-growing music catalogue.


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